Places To Visit In London!

14 Apr

London is known as the most beautiful city in the United Kingdom. It is the most visited destination by tourist in the whole world. The city has a unique and rich history to tell and it has an amazing culture which is preserved by the British. When you will visit London you can make you busy. It is covered with many historical sites and lots of attractive things to do. London is also known as the most expensive city and it is famous for its expensive shopping malls. Shopping in London will give you different experiences and places for enjoying. If you are visiting with your kids then there are many places which are kids friendly. For enjoying the places of London you can get flights through Delta Flights from Atlanta to London +1(800)597-8177 and get a chance to visit the best destination in the world.

The Museum of London

This museum is the architectural piece having remarkable beauty and most famous landmark of London. The Museum of London holds lots of history about British which shows many ages of the city starting from the prehistory till the modern days of today. The museum has millions of objects related to the British all have its uniqueness. Through visiting the museum you will learn about the whole history of the city how it developed to form the past till now and about the empire of British. To visit such a great city you should book an advance ticket of Delta Airlines Flights.

The Royal Botanical Garden

In the garden, you will find a glass-like structure which looks like a train terminal. The garden is like heaven for the lovely flowers and plants. The Royal Botanical Garden consists of the palm tree house of history which is the home for its own tropical rain forest. Treetop of 18 meters high through visitors can take walkway gives them experiences of a new thing which they never had before. It has also beautiful glasshouse which is made for securing alpine plants. The place is full of peace and provides natural and greenery for soothing eyes.

The Tower Bridge

The design of the bridge by Gothic and it has the most beautiful feature through which it divides the traffic into two ways on the waterways. Most of the tourist get misconception the bridge is just like London bridge but this bridge tower is different. The bridge constructs a different path for a pedestrian is made of glass through which you can easily walk on the bridge and could sight see it. For taking a walk in this bridge you should go for Delta Airlines Reservations and enjoy more facilities.

Ride in the London Eye

The London eye is situated in the south bank of the river Thames, it is a giant wheel. It is also known by its nickname The Millennium Wheel. The height of the wheel is 443 feet and with a diameter of 120 meters. The wheel is equipped with the box known as capsule through where a visitor can explore whole London with the round of 360 degrees and for completing one round it takes 30 minutes. 

30 St Mary Axe

It is a most beautiful and impressive building of 41 stories made up of the steel and glass skyscraper. It is also known as The Gherkin and it is famous in the whole world for its shape which is design like a cigar. For exploring such a magnificent building you should book Delta Flights Book which is built in the year of 2004.

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